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Spill The Beans – There’s A New Locally Roasted Coffee At The Old House

Profumo Coffee

Where does the company name originate and is there a connection to the infamous MP of similar ilk (mischievously or not)?

In reality, the name reflects the first thing you notice about our new coffee – that is the beautiful aroma you experience before it has hit your taste buds!

With the way words always sound so much more romantic in Italian, the company settled for the descriptive translation of “aroma”, which in Italian is “Profumo”

Great Coffee

What appeals to you about coffee? With coffee shops popping up everywhere in every town and city (and places in between), coffee consumption has never been greater.

And so, in our opinion, it’s essential to have a great-tasting coffee to start your morning, if that’s your tipple. At The Old House, our guests choose about 50/50 for coffee or tea, and we believe that whatever your choice, it should be about the excellent quality.

Whether it is coffee from a percolator, a cafetiere, or an espresso machine, it is all about the bean, and the delicious ‘profumo’ as you open the pack of beans.

The team at Profumo Coffee have a passion for the drink which means that sampling and drinking various single origin and blends of beans come together to create beautiful rounded bean. The principal players have learned the basics from the London School of Coffee and since there, they have been experimenting with various roasting levels to deliver the optimum flavour.  For the past three years, they have been sharing this passion with their customers.

We (Simon and William) discovered Profumo Coffee at the Farmers Market in Higham Ferrers on the last Saturday of every month. But, you don’t have to wait to attend the market, as you can buy the coffee on-line and have it delivered directly to you.

Quirky facts about coffee beans:

The coffee bean isn’t actually a bean – it is a seed of a coffee cherry that grows on a small coffee shrub or tree.

The caffeine found in coffee beans is actually the plant’s natural chemical defence against being consumed by insects.

It takes 42 beans to make a cup of espresso.

Dark roasted coffees actually have LESS caffeine than medium roasts. The longer a coffee is roasted, the more caffeine burns off during the process.

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Coffee Beans

Spill The Beans – There's A New Locally Roasted Coffee At The Old House

Profumo Coffee Where does the company name originate and is…